Regeneris Pro Kit

The Regeneris Pro Kit with all the benefits of our best hair repairer at the best price. Blend of essential amino acids to repair any damage.

- Regeneris Pro - Hair Botox 1100g/38.8oz
- Deep Clearing Shampoo 1100mL/37.1oz

Size 38.8 oz
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1. Fills the hair strand with nutrients and essential lipids after bleaching processes:

As is well known, hair bleaching is one of the most aggressive processes for hair and with the highest level of alkalinity, where we not only remove the melanin, responsible for the color, but also essential nutrients and lipids that are necessary for the health of the strand. With regeneris we replace those nutrients and lipids so that, after bleaching, the hair begins a repair process.

2. Hair regeneration: When the hair has gone through poorly carried out bleaching processes, where high-volume peroxides are used to accelerate the lightening of the tone, the strand generally suffers too much and the result is hair with too much elasticity and that becomes breaks or breaks In these cases, regeneris is a hair regenerator where it acts to strengthen the hair follicle and provide nutrition to the strand so that the growth process begins in a healthy manner. This is a long process but one that safely recovers the hair.

3. Extends the useful life of nanoplasty:

When we carry out nanoplasty work (smoothing) we always promise a shiny smooth for 3 to 5 months. One of the things that we always recommend to prolong the smooth effect is to perform a regeneris once a month. It is not a secret that hair nutrients are lost daily due to multiple factors and what regeneris does is replenish these nutrients monthly and thereby extend the smooth effect and control frizz for longer. In this case, regeneris is the ideal complement for nanoplasty.

4. Curly hair nutrition:

There are women who have curly hair and do not want to straighten it. Thanks to the fact that regeneris does not change the texture of the hair (it does not straighten), it is an ideal solution to provide nutrition to those curls without letting go of the wave. Helps define the curl, providing shine and essential lipids. Curly hair tends to be porous due to its structure and therefore it is important to hydrate it twice a month with regeneris. In this case, the thermal activation is carried out by means of a diffuser and not an iron.

5. Frizz control:

Ideally for girls whose parents require facilitating the combing process in the morning, regeneris helps control frizz. As a result, the hair will be more aligned and therefore the hairstyle in the morning before going to school will be much easier and faster. Due to the natural nature of our products, they are totally suitable for use by minors.