No, with the exposure time of the instructions it is enough for the product to act, also the client should never be let go without finishing the process because the hair can be collected at night and this causes waves, let's remember that hair has memory.

No, a neutral shampoo is recommended to open the hair fiber, a shampoo without silicones or conditioners since they close the hair fiber and do not allow the product to act on the inside of the hair. Our Deep Cleansing is ideal for this.

Yes, since the toners close the hair fiber and do not allow the product to act, it is recommended to prepare the hair 8 days before washing it with a neutral shampoo.

The Lizze Extreme iron that reaches temperatures up to 480F is recommended, or failing that any iron with titanium plates.

Yes, for virgin hair as the hair fiber is very closed, it is recommended to wash with a neutral shampoo 8 days before application.

Yes, it is recommended to wait a minimum of one month after applying the henna and 8 days before applying the smoothing to be washed with a neutral shampoo.

No, the application instructions must be followed, it must be 100% dry, because the water blocks the penetration of the product into the hair fiber.

Because biosafety standards, gloves, face masks and glasses are not being used, it is being applied in a place that is not ventilated, also since we are ironing hair that has grease (keratins) applied to it, they generate vapors that can be annoying for the eyes, nostrils, ears and throat that when inhaled can cause headaches or dizziness.

No, it is recommended to follow biosafety standards, such as gloves, masks and glasses.

Yes, although it is only recommended for people over 18 years of age, if you are a minor you must consult your parents and have prior authorization from them.

No, it is recommended to maintain it with a salt-free shampoo that does not sweep straighteners or dyes.

No, it is recommended to wash the hair with a salt-free shampoo, since it does not wash away the product.

No, because of the ironing process that must be very demanding, and it is recommended that it be applied by a beauty professional.

No, the application instructions must be followed, as the peroxide weakens the hair and can break it due to excessive time.

The iron must be passed until each strand or selected layer is dry and with movement, so small strands speed up the process.

You should not comb, because the product is swept away, it is recommended to emulsify it, taking into account 1 cm from the root to the tip, emphasizing the ends so that they do not remain open.

No, you must follow the instructions, dry freely without brushing it, as the brush sweeps the product.

No, since it is recommended to apply one centimeter from the root, taking care not to touch the scalp.

No, since hair loss is a problem of the hair follicle and the product does not reach this part, it is also based on keratins, amino acids and silicones that act on the inner part of the hair, giving it softness and strength. structure.

The product has a content of 120 mL which is enough for hair to the middle of the back, you must be careful not to saturate it, it must be distributed throughout the hair without leaving dry parts but without saving.

Allergic people are easily affected by fats, vapors or fragrances that are potentiated at high temperatures, you should ask your client if they have respiratory conditions or any particular disease, if so, your client should consult their doctor first .

It is not recommended to place clips, hooks, sneakers or elements to collect hair, because as it has memory it can generate waves in the place where the elements are used.

Yes, due to the keratins and amino acids that enter the hair, they generate fat that you will perceive at the root during the first 15 days. It is important during this time to follow the instructions for washing with salt-free shampoo and not to use any type of anti-greasy or anti-dandruff shampoo.

No, when the product is applied immediately the results are seen if the application is done according to the instructions. THEREFORE, IF YOU HAVE ANY TYPE OF CLAIM, YOU SHOULD MAKE IT THE MAXIMUM OF THE NEXT DAY.