Hair Care


Hydration, protection and regeneration.
Repair processed or chemically treated
hair since first use.


Our formulas protect and nourish the hair, regenerating and strengthening the hair fiber.

Sulfate, salt and parabens free

Our products are made with natural components.

Enriched with 21+ aminoacids

Our formulas are tested, full of minerals and amino acids
that are essentials for a healthy hair.

Regenerate, hydrates and repair

Each of our products have regenerative component that restore the hair fiber.

Nanotechnology applied

Working in a molecular level, allow the product and its components to enter each strand performing its function effectively.

Formaldehyde free

Our products do not contain chemicals that are harmful to your hair.

Color safe

Any of our component alter or change your hair color. On the contrary, it corrects and enhances it.

Our lines



In 2006, from the hand of a group of partners, the dream of creating a laboratory for the manufacture of beauty products. The desire and impulse to make the project a reality quickly turned into a certified laboratory called Generic Beauty Laboratory, initially with two large clients that allowed to start operations and start generating sales. 

Best sellers


Venta a profesionales

Alisador Gold Elixir

The revolutionary formula of Gold Elixir 100% formaldehyde-free was developed for bleached hair ...


Primer Finisher

Strengthens the hair fiber, improving the resistance and elasticity of the hair ...

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It is a dream you can make real with #Epiphany. Enroll in one of our nationwide education sessions and be a better #stylist. Get training in the latest technology trends applied to hair care and nutrition.
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No dejes que te lo cuenten! Estos son los productos que están revolucionando el mercado de la reparación, regeneración, nutrición e hidratación capilar en USA. Ven y súbete al bus!! #cabello #cabellosano #cabellosaludable #hair #hairstyles #hairstylist #haireducation ...

🇪🇸/ Así como cuidamos la piel, también debemos cuidar nuestro cabello. Con una rutina completa y apoyarnos en complementos como termoprotector, polímero capilar y suero, para así tener una salud capilar estable y duradera. #EpiphanyProducts

🇺🇸/ Just as we take care of our skin, we must also take care of our hair. With a complete hair routine (taking into account complements such as thermoprotector, capillary polymer and serum) you provide your hair the best and ideal care. #EpiphanyProducts

🇪🇸/ Más allá de un buen resultado, siempre debes ir detrás de la etiqueta del producto. Que componentes tiene? Cual es su mayor activo? Todo esto hace parte de un cuidado capilar completo, efectivo y con resultados duraderos en el tiempo. #EpiphanyProducts

🇺🇸/ Not buy products just because of the result, you should always go further. What components does it have? Which is it´s main asset? All of this is part of a complete effective and with lasting results over time. #EpiphanyProducts

🇪🇸/ El brillo de tu cabello es un indicador de qué tan humectado es. Para fomentarlo, todos nuestros productos contienen aceites y aminoácidos esenciales, para así cumplir con un cabello sedoso, fuerte y brillante ✨. #EpiphanyProducts

🇺🇸/ The shine of your hair is an indicator of how moistened it is. All our products contain essential oils and amino acids, to provide a silky, strong and shiny hair . #EpiphanyProducts